Travis Memorial


                                                                    My Angel Travis

Image created with a head photo, a kaleidoscope of his fur on another layer to keep him warm, and other photoshop effects.

Travey gathered up his names as his long life went on....his white "booties" were so cute, his tail so very long...and his love of being clean after being in the cat box...well...! (no he did not have a health problem-this indoor pampered *take to the vet if he even looked cross-eyed* furry boy!)...and finally he became a Fluff Bucket...and actually later Scruff Bucket as he aged and Mommy had to help groom him. And of course, I told him often your my ANGEL!! This boy who loved to hear ME (!) sing, would sit on my lap any second I sat in his presence and would turn and give me "I love you Mommy" blinky looks periodically as if to assure himself he was really with me, even over HOURS of time (I watch TV a lot and FYI was singing theme songs to him that were appropriate).

Travis got his main name because he traveled through a very scary large area of roads, homes, and after he was dumped out of a Mercedes car by some woman into a coyote filled, brush covered hillside, off a busy 4 lane street, as witnessed by a jogger - we learned a few days later. He found his way across streets, through unleashed dogs and territorial feral cats, many layers of apartment buildings to my very door on the 2nd floor landing to find me. When I opened the door he LEAPED into our home, and as I looked at my other two cats, I wondered how I could keep a third...but MY boy cuddled up to me, purred louder than any kitten I had every heard, and held very still while I got the dog-sized fleas off of him, cut his toe nails and cuddled him. He got along so well with his "brothers" Clancy and Pumpkin....and we were quite a family for a very long time!

Now all the boys are gone to another life, and thankfully our new Nicki cat who is just 2, is filling the void... Nicki has a great personality, extremely athletic & very bright...and we love him dearly (he is quite pampered as well I assure you)... but it is hard because he is "just" a cat... he is not Travis who I know has been with me before, he is my little soul mate, I just know deep in my heart, so it is harder this time....really hard...this pain will not ever pass, though it is getting slowly more bearable.

When Clancy (who we FELT was as near to being human as an animal could be) went at age 18 he seemed ready to move on like a family member who grew up and went on to lead another was hard (he did have cancer and I nursed him that last year, trying to stretch our time out, but only as long as he was comfortable) his leaving somehow seemed right for him. It was also "time" when our long lived 20 year old (who was just such a SWEET air head cuddle cat) Pumpkin went of pure old age, having used up all his lives and adventures to the very fullest. (he lived with my family and then my son, with me again, with my Mom and back to me again, so he seemed to have many lives in one). BUT Travis did not want to leave me, even when his body gave out, and that just broke my heart. Find your way back to me, Travis, I am waiting. I will wait forever.

I still cannot compile the over 50 art renders for the Digital life of Travis over the years...that is
next when my heart will allow....