Mother's Lessons
Copyright Lyne's Creations March 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved

(suggested viewing of this very large image: View at 50-75% to take in the entire scene,
then view at 100% (or more) to read poem and see details.)

Using art (and my poetry) for my emotional therapy has been a vital part of my life for years now.
I was so drawn to this new look for Dawn! It "feels" like it expresses my emotions. I don't know
any other way to put it... (I'm already half finished on another piece using this fantastic set!)

Dawn & Baby Luna, using Satira Capricco
's  "Nouvelle Aube" character, hair, clothing,
poses & Studio
& Studio Decor  I tweaked Dawn's pose a bit, created Luna's pose myself.

I also chose the 'nude' face but added the red/pink eye make-up to this face version for the look I wanted.

I did change the studio walls, using a texture from this set, so I could 1. insert my poem on one "wall"
(that was a window) and 2. I post-worked 'lighting' the wall behind the lamp & desk items.

I 'fitted' the clothing to Luna by scaling (posers "show hidden dials") and making parts of Luna invisible. I
placed the shoes...all tricks of the eye to make them work. I "removed" the breasts in the shirt by simply post-
dodging and burning the texture shading - very easy to do with such high rez textures! 

I added Lully's stud earrings with a blue tinted coloring.

I added a bird from Africa- the Lilac Breasted Roller by Ken Gilliland, chosen for the similar colors!

The cat is one of Jane Eden's beautiful Cats

Lighting is (always) Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights from Renderosity.

Background is again one of didimc's Among the Trees from Renderosity.

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